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With the Sustainable Wash treatment by Wiser Wash®, we collaborate with our denim supplier to open a door for an i nnovative way to produce authentic l ooking washed indigo denim pieces.

The distinct l ook of our denim products i s achieved through the use of l aser and ozone technology. The contrasts of the whiskers, the richness and depth to the colour i s achieved through this unique washing process. In doing so, no pumice stones or toxic chemicals have been a part of the washing process. The Sustainable Wash treatment reduces the consumption of water by at l east 90%, while still achieving the beautiful abrasions and contrasts that reveal the true beauty of i ndigo denim.

We want to take responsibility for our future generations,
by taking eco-conscious focus, as serious as our designs.

We want to plant a seed to benefit our future generations, which means changing the conventional ways of production one step at the time. We believe that our sustainable wash j eans will be the next evolutionary step i n the history of denim.