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Nikolai Kotlarczyk

Copenhagen - 30.03.20

We visited Australien designer @nikolaikotlarczyk at his home in Copenhagen for a talk. He is wearing the technical wool blend suit in blue, that is water repellant and crease resistant.⁠

What has inspired you lately?

I am inspired a lot by travelling and architecture. I find that the graphic nature of architecture lends well to product design, and as I design things for the house, architectural elements are a natural extension to an interior. I also like the connection between architecture and culture and how by referencing elements I can create a feeling of a place or time. My mirrors for Portego are inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, so they have a nostalgia of that time whilst being contemporary. I am working on a chair right now inspired by time spent in Vietnam that has a more casual, outdoor feeling to it that you would normally see in European design.⁠

⁠Can you describe your aesthetic in 3 words?⁠
"Functional, Bold, Beautiful.⁠"

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What’s the best thing about living in CPH?

I love the scale of the city. Being able to go from city centre, to forests and beaches on your bike is amazing. It is also a city with a great cultural heart, people are pushing each other to do some really interesting things in art and design.⁠

What’s happening in 2020?

In 2020 I will be releasing some products for Australian brands SP01 and Rakumba, plus I am working on an exhibition in Chicago. Many things are on hold however, so we will see.⁠ In this editorial you can view his glass mirror from the "Scena" range for the brand Portego and one from the Barocche series in Solid brass sheet with oxidized patterns.

The studio of Nikolai Kotlarczyk extends across interior product design - from decorative pieces to more industrial focused work.

Shop the look. Water/Crease Resistant Suit

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