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Mikkel Baltser Dørig

Copenhagen - 09.03.20

We teamed up with acclaimed guitarist Mikkel Baltser Dørig @jungleugle for our SS20 JDL Stories. ⁠He has been touring as a live musician internationally the last 6 years, most recently with acts such as MØ, Phlake and previously The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Kwamie Liv. He also produces own guitar arrangements for a a wide catalogue of artists.⁠

Watch the video below to join us for a trip around the Nørrebro area in the blinding morning sun, accompanied by his hypnotic guitar riffs.


We sat down with Mikkel Baltser Dørig for our SS20 JDL Stories for a talk about the past, present and future.

When did you start playing guitar and why?

My dad played a bit of guitar, his spanish guitar was hanging on the wall, so I grabbed it sometimes, I guess from I was small, like 6-7 y/o.

What is the best thing about having a base in Copenhagen?

I like that Copenhagen isn't too big, you can actually walk or bike around. Also it's close to the nature, the ocean and the forest.

⁠⁠What has inspired you in your musical style?⁠
"I guess I'm inspired by things with soul and nerve.
I'm into all music, if it tells a story."

⁠What are some of the highlights of your career in the last years?⁠

Playing Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival, was the highlight.

What is happening in 2020?⁠

I'm becoming a dad for the first time :)⁠

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