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We teamed up with London based Hip Hop artist J’R’Josephs for our AW19 stories. His EP "My Declaration" can be found on Youtube, Spotify and Tidal. The video i s shot around the Wapping area i n East London where he grew up and features his new single "Paint You Gold".


Yo It’s J’R’Josephs, rapper born and raised in East london collaborating with Junk de LUXE.

"So I started writing when i was younger with my peers from school or from around my area - I loved tapping into life experience to craft like poetry as you wish."

I tap into different connections that I've made over the years to gain inspiration to create music. I learned so much from peoples journeys from the start, to the now, to some that finish unfortunately too soon. But their life consists of happiness and joy, love and passion and devoted to their crafts and to others and that comes from the artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers and photographers, to the ones raising families, supporting families, that gives me so much perspective on my own life that allows me to then put that into words.

"What I love about the brand is its calmness, you know, the pieces are very strong, but not too loud."

It allows me to be able to flex and look good, but I am not trying to make too much of a statement. I like to keep it lowkey, you know, let my personality shine through.

The best thing about living in London.. In London you are never short of anything, if you wanna do anything. There’s always a vibe if you know the right places the right people you got to connect, yeah.

This year I have been recovering from a couple of accidents so just got back on my feet, but managed to some big shows this year, play Glastonbury, play Kallida festival but I think the main thing was building the music studio with Sirlute - Pepper St. Studio is now open and we are able to help and teach young people and help artists and musicians. But next year it’s back to the J’R’Josephs movement. In 2020, building on 2019 more shows, more helping the community, release music, build a fan base. Sirlute.