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@chrisfrankjr just released his new single "Testimony" and we visited him in his home for a talk about his passion for music.

JDL: What sparked your interest in music and when did you begin playing?

CFJ: The first time I heard the album "Frengers" with Mew, I knew I had to play music myself, which led me to buying my first electric guitar in 2005.

JDL: Have you been on a journey to find your own sound and unique voice?

CFJ: Yes indeed and i am still traveling, but today i am more clear about where to go.

JDL: What inspired your single "Testimony"?

CFJ: The lyrics are about my personal journey and how i need to trust in myself. It seemed fitting as my debut single since it was the first tune that came out of my Wurlitzer when i just bought it.

JDL: What's happening in 2020/2021 for Chris Frank Jr?

CFJ: I am gonna release lots of music, a debut EP and hopefully play a lot of shows!