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When founded in 1986, JUNK de LUXE presented a simple product portfolio of vintage Levi’s 501 jeans and French Art Deco lamps. Our heritage is based on recycling 2nd hand clothing and dealing with antiques.

We strive to let our history frame our actions of today. We have acknowledged the severe effects the fashion industry has had on the environment. We are dedicated to utilise new technologies – enabling us to create beautiful and authentic garments without compromising the well-being of the environment.

We want to plant a seed to benefit our future generations, which
means changing the conventional ways one step at the time.

In each collection we offer garments in sustainable materials. This a testimony to our goal of breaking the confines of conventional production processes. We see this as the first steps in our march for a better tomorrow.

Organic Tee

Our classic NOOS tee always comes in 100% organic cotton quality. It is important for us to choose the most sustainable fabrics for our permanent styles, so you easily can stock up on your new favourite colours. We also use it in many seasonal styles and you can see it labelled as organic in the product descriptions and on the necklabel.



With the Sustainable Wash treatment by Wiser Wash®, we collaborate with our denim supplier to open a door for an innovative way to produce authentic looking washed indigo denim pieces.

Watch the video below from our visit at their factory in Turkey.

The distinct look of our denim products is achieved through the use of laser and ozone technology. The contrasts of the whiskers, the richness and depth to the colour is achieved through this unique washing process. In doing so, no pumice stones or toxic chemicals have been a part of the washing process.

The Sustainable Wash treatment reduces the consumption of water by at least 90%, while still achieving the beautiful abrasions and contrasts that reveal the true beauty of indigo denim.