Sustainable jeans - Wiser Wash

The denim industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, with monumental consequences for the environment. In addition to the chemical-intensive washing process, an excessive amount of water is being used in preparing the unique indigo denim.

At JUNK de LUXE, we have acknowledged the severity of this problem, and we now strive to utilise new technology – enabling us to create beautiful and authentic-looking washed denim products without compromising the well-being of the environment.

We want to plant a seed to benefit our future generations, which means changing the conventional ways one step at the time.

In collaboration with our denim supplier, we have developed two new styles of our signature skinny jeans, using new technology to reduce the water consumption and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals. The two styles have undergone a Sustainable Wash treatment, applying laser andozone technology to create a lived-in and authentic look.

In doing so, no pumice stones or toxic chemicals have been part of the washing process. The Sustainable Wash treatment also reduces the consumption of water by at least 50%, still achieving the beautiful abrasions and contrasts that reveal the true beauty of indigo denim.