Junk de Luxe X Affiliated - 2018 - fotos Malthe Ivarsson


In late November, three German bloggers, @timasatt, @to_hold_deer and @theboyfromyourcity, joined the JUNK de LUXE in Copenhagen. Together with Adam Katz of Le 21ème photography, the outmost crude and rough areas of den Danish capital was explored. Three distinct locations constituted the frame of the photo shoot, namely the H.C. Ørstedsværket power plant in the west, the quayside of Nordhavn in the east, and lastly The Black Square in the north. The photo-series “Copenhagen Crude” is a testimony to the interplay between the otherwise mutually excluding elements that make up the esthetical universe of JUNK de LUXE. This is a story of Street Tailoring!


Earlier this year started a collaboration with the Danish noise and romance band THE ENTREPRENEURS.

Through their sophisticated, yet rough and distorted, live-acts, the three band members exemplify everything street tailoring is all about!

We followed the band on their Finland-tour in April, and created a photo-series titled “Noise and Romance”.